IST Undergrads Help to Solve Homeland Security Issues

  As a major project in Ken Sochats’ Information Systems Analysis and Design (ISAD) course, students were challenged by The Pittsburgh Regional Business Coalition for Homeland Security (PRBCHS) to separate into groups and analyze, design and create a web-based information system that addresses preparedness, response and recovery for an array of wide scale regional disasters. Disaster topics included Chemical, Biological, Fire, Radiological, Nuclear, High Explosives, Cyber and Earthquake. This task tested the students’ retention of ISAD methods, techniques and procedures but also proved their ability to cohesively solve problems for a client. As the concluding course task, student groups presented their research and final product to Mike Comiskey, Executive Director for the PRBCHS during their last class session. He was so pleased with the work ethic of the students and the consistency of their products he announced job offerings and letters of recommendation to the class…and to much joyous applause! The success of this endeavor will undoubtedly encourage Mike and the PRBCHS to further utilize future IST students’ talents! Bravo!