Experimental Information System

SIS LobbyThe School of Information Sciences is launching an experimental information system, RAPAI. RAPAI is the “Role Assured Publicly Accessible Information” system, an embedded information environment that will provide relevant information to people as they enter and leave the IS Building. The project, under the direction of Michael Spring (an Associate Professor in the School of Information Sciences), has been in development since 2004 and includes the work of both SIS faculty and students. At this point in time, the main display area for RAPAI is the lobby of the IS building. The project will be deemed a success when all of the people — faculty, staff, students, and visitors — who use the building find the information they need in a convenient and timely way. To learn more about the creation of RAPAI, visit http://wdevelop.sis.pitt.edu.

The lobby of the IS building contains three arrays of screens as well as a projection system.

multi panel display The Multi-panel Display — current news about the School, the University and the region as well as the weather forecasts are provided here.
touch screens The Touch Screens — building information, location of classes and faculty, announcements and schedules are available here.
projection system The Projection System — provides a “welcome” to visitors coming into the IS Building. SIS will use this to promote the programs, research, and achievements of the School.
RFID The RFID Screens — with a swipe of your RFID fob, you’ll be able to access announcements specific to your group — faculty, undergraduate or graduate students, or visitors. For example, the RFID system may have announcements about upcoming events or deadlines. You may also be a part of the information flow — post event listings, announce job openings, advertise something for sale. You can even send e-mail to other RAPAI users. RAPAI is "Domain restricted" — it can only be accessed from sis.pitt.edu and tele.pitt.edu. Simply log on to http://wdevelop.sis.pitt.edu from either of these domains, use the “Public Forms” tab, and let your SIS colleagues know what’s going on!

You need to register to set up your account and receive your RFID fob. Faculty and Staff are welcome to register at the Fifth Floor Main Office on:

Monday, August 29 -- from 4 pm to 6 pm
August 30, 31 & September 1 — from 4 pm to 6 pm
September 6, 7, 8 — from 1 pm to 3 pm

If these times are not convenient for you, call Kelly Shaffer at 4-2677 (kshaffer@mail.sis.pitt.edu) to set another time.

RAPAI is still in its infancy.  The infrastructure has been put in place so that people can get a feel for the RAPAI system and its capabilities.  As the project evolves, you are invited to utilize the system and imagine ways that it might be made more functional.  You can be a part of the future of RAPAI — if you have a suggestion about RAPAI, contact Professor Michael Spring. Learn more about RAPAI at http://wdevelop.sis.pitt.edu.