Sensor Networks Seminar
- March 30,  2005
Dr. Joseph Kabara

You are invited to the following Sensor Networks Seminar, March 30,  2005, 10:30 AM at the David Lawrence Hall, Room 211.

The speaker is Joseph Kabara, PhD in Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University , Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences and Telecommunications, University of Pittsburgh, Senior Member IEEE. His research focuses on wireless data communications for cellular networks, 802.11 LANs, and sensor networks.

This conference is a joint effort of IEEE Communications Society in University of Pittsburgh and IEEE Student Branch Universidad del Norte.

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Uninorte: Salón 1 del Coliseo

Sensor networks employ low-power devices to acquire information directly from the environment and then wirelessly transmit the information to gateway nodes. Application of these networks includes monitoring natural events such as wind speed, rain fall and human activities such as intrusion detection, and safety monitoring. Sensor network technology is in the early stages of development and presents unique research challenges because of the system wide energy constraints.

Topics of the Seminar:

  • Sensor Networks
  • Limitations
  • Technology currently used
  • Applications
  • Trends