Dr. Richard Cox/"Discussing Archives in London and Sau Paulo"


photo of Dr. Richard CoxIn November Dr. Richard Cox will be participating in two international conferences.

On November 12, Dr. Cox is participating in a conference, "Unleashing the Archive," in London organized by the School of Advanced Study of the University of London and The National Archives in Kew, and concerning the historical importance of archives. At this conference, His paper is on "Archiving Archives: Rethinking and Revitalizing a Concept," examining the various modern notions of archives -- a repository for scholars, a cultural institution, a memory house, a database back-up, a museum for dead records, an educational institution, a bastion for institutional and societal culture, a trashcan for unwanted and old records, and an arsenal for democratic regimes supporting accountability and preserving evidence -- with some suggestions about where the concept of the "archive" may be heading.

On November 26, Dr. Cox is participating in a conference in São Paulo, Brazil at the Institute Fernando Henrique Cardoso concerning the private papers of public officials. His paper is on "The Dangers of the Eroding Influence of the Public Ownership of Public Records," considering the growing government secrecy, weakening National Archives, and the lessening of accountability of American government to its people.