International Visitors at SIS

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The School of Information Sciences is pleased to welcome three (3) international visitors.

Ola Bo, a faculty member in Informatics at Molde College in Molde , Norway will be at SIS until July 7, 2004 . Dr. Bo will be visiting the Wireless Information Systems Lab in Tele. Dr. David Tipper is his host.

A warm welcome has also been extended to Permanand Mohan, a Fulbright Scholar from Trinidad and Tobago . Dr. Mohan is a faculty member at the University of West Indies in St. Augustine , Trinidad and Tobago . He will be be at SIS until Fall 2004. Dr. Mohan is interested in E-learning and Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Dr. Peter Brusilovsky is his host.

Flavio Deus, an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student of the University of Brasilia, Brazil will be at SIS until March 2005. He will be working on research for his dissertation in the Tele Research Lab. Dr. Joseph Kabara is his host.