Stepping Out With Bob Regan

  photo of Bob Regan holding a book

In a recent conversation, Bob Regan related the story of a minor disappointment turned to tremendous satisfaction. Regan had asked noted Pittsburgh-born American historian David McCullough to write a forward. Unfortunately, McCullough replied that he was too busy. Not one to be discouraged, Regan sent to David McCullough one of the first Steps of Pittsburgh, hot from the publisher. This time McCullough replied with thanks and praise in an elegant note typed manually on 8.5” by 6.5” fine woven stationery. Regan beams, “His note makes all the effort worthwhile. It’s a thrill to be acknowledged, and the book even praised, by McCullough.” An irrepressible technologist, Regan continues, “I scanned his note and share it with friends on the computer. The original is safe at home!”

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