Spotlight on IS Ph.D Student Carlos Sánchez

photo of Carlos SánchezTradingCube Inc. a technology start-up company founded by Information Sciences Ph.D. students Carlos Sánchez and Archana Sulebele and MSIS alumni Anand Banwasi has been awarded a two-year, $500k National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant. The objective of the proposal is to develop TradingCube™ -- a “Web-Based International Trade Knowledge Discovery System.”

Carlos Sánchez, IS Ph.D Student with Dr. Stephen Hirtle, TradingCube™ President and Principal Investigator for the project, describes TradingCube as a “web portal that will address the significant need for organizations supporting international trade and for small and medium-sized business to have improved access to information and dynamic analyses of world markets in a single source.”

TradingCube™ will provide subscribers with dynamic analyses of world markets for baskets of goods allowing them to extract actionable information to make strategic and tactical decisions on international business.

TradingCube™ enables the functionality of a novel combination of tools including knowledge discovery, data management technologies, web technologies, international trade economics and strategic analysis. In Phase I, TradingCube Inc. demonstrated technical and commercial feasibility. In Phase II, TradingCube Inc. will refine and complete its product leading to Phase III commercialization.

Last year the company had received a Phase I NSF SBIR award for $100k for the initial development of TradingCube™.