LIS Required textbooks

LIS 2110 Research Methods in Library and Information Science - Corrall

AUTHOR: Creswell, John W.       EDITION: 4th Ed
TITLE: Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches
ISBN: 9781452226101      PUBLISHER: Sage
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Pickard, Alison Jane       EDITION: 2nd Ed
TITLE: Research Methods in Information
ISBN: 9781555709365      PUBLISHER: ALA Neal-Schuman
Status: Required

LIS 2335 Library Services for Early Childhood - Bowler

AUTHOR: Feinberg, S, Deerr, K,Jordan, B. Byrne, M, & Kropp, L       EDITION: 2007
TITLE: The Family-Centered Library Handbook
ISBN: 978-1555705411      PUBLISHER: Neal-Schuman
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Ghoting, S. & Martin-Diaz, P       EDITION: 2013
TITLE: Storyties for Everyone: Developing Young Children's Language and Literacy
ISBN: 978-0838911693      PUBLISHER: American Library Association
Status: Required

LIS 2500 Reference Sources and Services - Mahoney

AUTHOR: Bopp and Smith       EDITION: 4th Edition
TITLE: Reference and Information services: an introduction
ISBN: 978-1-59158-374-5      PUBLISHER: Libraries Unlimited
Status: Required

LIS 2537 Government Information Resources & Services - Scott

AUTHOR: Forte, Eric J, Hartnettm Cassandra J., Sevetson, Andrea L, and Edwards, Susan       EDITION: 2011
TITLE: Fundamentals of Government Information: Mining, Finding, Evaluating, and Using Government Resources
ISBN: 978-1555707378      PUBLISHER:
Status: Required

LIS 2700 Managing Libraries & Information Systems & Services in Changing Environments - Currier

AUTHOR: Nye, J. Jr.       EDITION: 2008
TITLE: The Powers to Lead
ISBN: 13:97888-0195335620      PUBLISHER: Oxford University Press
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Evans, G, & Alire, C.       EDITION: 3rd
TITLE: Management Basics for Information Professionals
ISBN: 13:9781555709099      PUBLISHER:
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Moran, B.; &Stueart, R. & Moran (C)       EDITION: 8th
TITLE: Library and Information Center Management
ISBN: 13:978-1598849899      PUBLISHER:
Status: Required

LIS 2975 Seminars: Special Topics - Bowler

AUTHOR: Fidel, Raya       EDITION: 2012
TITLE: Human Information Interaction: An Ecological Approach to Information Behavior
Status: Required


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