IST Required textbooks

INFSCI 2040 Research Design - Druzdzel

AUTHOR: Cohen, Paul R.       EDITION: 1995
TITLE: ?Empirical Methods for Artificial Intelligence
ISBN: 0-262-03225-2      PUBLISHER: The MIT Press
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Campbell, Donald T, Stanley, Julian C       EDITION: 1966
TITLE: Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research
ISBN: 0-395-30787-2      PUBLISHER: Bostonn: Houghton Mifflin Co.,
Status: Required

INFSCI 2130 Decision Analysis & Decision Support Systems - Druzdzel

AUTHOR: Clemen, Robert T       EDITION: 3rd
TITLE: Making Hard Decisions: An Introduction to Decision Analysis
ISBN: 9780538797573      PUBLISHER: Nelson Thomas Learning
Status: Required

INFSCI 2150 Information Security and Privacy - Palanisamy

AUTHOR: C. P. Pfleeger and S. L. Pfleeger and Pfleeger Shari Lawrence       EDITION: 4th
TITLE: Security in Computing
ISBN: 10:0132390770      PUBLISHER: Prentice Hall
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Bishop, Matt       EDITION:
TITLE: Introduction to Computer Security
ISBN: 0-201-44099-7      PUBLISHER: Addison Wesley
Status: Required

INFSCI 2300 Human Information Processing - Hirtle

AUTHOR: Mein, D.L., Ross, B.H. and Markman,A.       EDITION: 2004
TITLE: Cognitive Psychology
ISBN: 0471458201      PUBLISHER: Harcourt College Publishers

INFSCI 2460 Spatial Reasoning for GIS - Hirtle

AUTHOR: Worboys, M.F., Duckham, M       EDITION: Second Edition 2007
TITLE: GIS: A Computing Perspective
ISBN: 0415283752      PUBLISHER: CRC Press
Status: Required

INFSCI 2500 Data Structures - Flynn

AUTHOR: Goodrich and Tamassia       EDITION: 5th Edition
TITLE: Data Structures and Algorithms
ISBN: 978-0-470-38326-1      PUBLISHER: Wiley
Status: Required

INFSCI 2511 Information Systems Design - Lawson

AUTHOR: Larman, Craig       EDITION: 3rd
TITLE: Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
ISBN: 0-13-148906-2      PUBLISHER: Prentice Hall
Status: Required

INFSCI 2591 Algorithm Design - Karimi

AUTHOR: Johnsonbauch, Richard and Schafer, Marcus       EDITION: 2004
TITLE: Algorithms
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Pearson Prentic Hall
Status: Required

INFSCI 2730 E-Business - Spring

AUTHOR: van der Vlist, Eric       EDITION: 2006
TITLE: Professional Web 2.0 Programming
ISBN: 10:0470087889;      PUBLISHER: Wrox Professional Guides
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Kalakota, Ravi and Robinson, Marcia       EDITION: 2001
TITLE: e-Business 2.0: Roadmap for Success
ISBN: 10:0201721651      PUBLISHER: Addison Wesley
Status: Required

INFSCI 2731 Security in E-Commence - Spring

AUTHOR: Zalewski, Michal       EDITION: 1 ed
TITLE: The Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications (Paperback)
ISBN: 10:1593273886      PUBLISHER: No Starch Press
Status: Required

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