LIS Required textbooks

16195 LIS 2000: Understanding Information-Mahoney & Tomer
16197 Online

AUTHOR: Levy, Steven       EDITION: 2011
TITLE: In the plex:  how Google thinks, works, and shapes our lives
ISBN: 978-1416596585      PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: rubin, Richard       EDITION: c2010
TITLE: Foundations of library and information science
ISBN: 978-1-55570-6906      PUBLISHER: Neal-Schuman Publishers 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Borgman, Christine       EDITION: c2007
TITLE: Scholarship in the digital age:  information, infrastructure, and the Internet
ISBN: 978-0262026192      PUBLISHER: MIT Press 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Gleick, James       EDITION: c2011
TITLE: The information:  a history, a theory, a flood
ISBN: 978-0375423727      PUBLISHER: Pantheon books 
Status: Required

19317  LIS 2005: Organizing & Retrieving Information-Mahoney
28314  Online

AUTHOR: Welsh, Anne & Batley, Sue       EDITION:
TITLE: Practical Cataloguing AACR2, RDA, MARC21
ISBN: 978-1555707439      PUBLISHER: Neal-Schuman 
Status: Required

27043  LIS 2280: History of Books, Printing, Publishing – Cox
Can be purchased through Amazon or the discount bookseller of their choice. List of required readings -- the prices are estimated prices from Amazon.
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (New York: Ballantine, 1996; org. pub. 1953). $12

Robert Darnton, The Case for Books: Past, Present, and Future (New York: Public Affairs, 2009) $12

Leslie Howsam, Old Books and New Histories: An Orientation to Studies in Book and Print Culture (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006) $18

Nicole Howard, The Book: The Life Story of a Technology (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009) $23

Andre Schiffrin, The Business of Books: How International Conglomerates Took Over Publishing and Changed the Way We Read (New York: Verso, 2000) $6 or Jacob Epstein, Book Business: Publishing Past, Present, and Future (New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2002) $14

David McKitterick, Print, Manuscript and the Search for Order 1450-1830 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003) $32 (You should be able to find a used copy at a better price)

Elizabeth Eisenstein, The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005) $15

Alberto Manguel, A History of Reading (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1999) $15

Beth Luey, Expanding the American Mind: Books and the Popularization of Knowledge (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2010) $22

Nicholas A. Basbanes, A Splendor of Letters: The Permanence of Books in an Impermanent Worlds (New York: HarperCollins, 2003). $15

Matthew Battles, Library: An Unquiet History (New York: W. W. Norton, 2003) $12

Nicholson Baker, Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper (New York: Vintage, 2002). $10

Simon Winchester, The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004). $14

Matthew L. Jockers, Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2013). $23

16157  LIS 2322: Resources for Children - Bowler

AUTHOR: Gaiman, Neil       EDITION: 2008
TITLE: The Graveyard Book CD
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Harper Children's Audio 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Browne, Anthony       EDITION: 2010
TITLE: Me and You
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Farrar 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Ellis, Deborah       EDITION: 2011
TITLE: No Ordinary Day
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Groundwood Books 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Falconer, Ian       EDITION:  2004
TITLE: Olivia
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster Children's 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Jenkins, Martin       EDITION: 2011
TITLE: Can we Save the Tiger?
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Candlewick 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Klassen, Jon       EDITION: 2012
TITLE: This Is Not My Hat
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Candlewick 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: L'Engle, Madeleine       EDITION: 2007
TITLE: A Wrinkle in Time
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Square Fish 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Selznick, Brian       EDITION: 2007
TITLE: The Invention of Hugo Cabret
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Scholastic 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Sendak, Maurice       EDITION: 1963
TITLE: Where the Wild Things Are
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Shannon, David       EDITION: 1998
TITLE: No, David!
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Blue Sky Press 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Sidman, Joyce       EDITION: 2011
TITLE: Swirl by Swirl:  Spirals in Nature
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Houghton 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Sis, Peter       EDITION: 2007
TITLE: The Wall
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Farrar, Strauss, Giroux 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Stead, Rebecca       EDITION: 2009
TITLE: When You Reach Me
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Wendy Lamb Books 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Winter, Jeanette       EDITION: 2009
TITLE: Nasreen's Secret School:  A True Story from Afghanistan
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Beach Lane Books 
Status: Required

28573 Online LIS 2633: Technology in the Lives of Children - Bowler
AUTHOR: Palfrey, J & Gasser, U       EDITION: 1st
TITLE: Born Digital:  Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Basic Books 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Postman, Neil       EDITION: 1994
TITLE: The Disappearance of Childhood
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Vintage Books 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Ito, Mizuko       EDITION: 2010
TITLE: Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Dashner, James       EDITION: 2012
TITLE: Mutiny in Time
ISBN:       PUBLISHER: Scholastic 
Status: Required

27045  LIS 2771: Academic Libraries - Corrall

AUTHOR: Duke, L.M., & Asher, A.D.       EDITION: 2012
TITLE: College libraries and student culture:  What we now know
ISBN: 978-0-8389-1116-7      PUBLISHER: ALA Publishing 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Monson, J.D.       EDITION: 2013
TITLE: Jump-start your career as a digital librarian:  A LITA guide
ISBN: 978-1-55570-877-1      PUBLISHER: ALA Techsource 
Status: Required

AUTHOR: Walter, S. & Williams, K.       EDITION: 2011
TITLE: The expert library:  Sustaining, staffing and advancing the academic library in the 21st century
ISBN: 978-0-8389-8551-9      PUBLISHER: Association of College & Research Libraries 
Status: Required


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