Course Title & Textbooks

TELCOM 2000: Intro to Telecommunications
William Stallings, Business Data Communications, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0136067417; ISBN-13: 978-0136067412 Required.

TELCOM 2010: Computer Networking Lab
James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross .Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 5th ed.Addison Wesley; ISBN-10: 0136079679; ISBN-13: 978-0136079675. (If students have already purchased 4th Edition, it is acceptable.)

TELCOM 2121: Network Management
Douglas Comer, "Automated Network Management Systems: Current and Future Capabilities", ISBN: 0-13-239308-5. Required.

TELCOM 2125:  Network Science And Analysis
Easley, Kleinberg. Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World. Cambridge University Press (July 19, 2010) ISBN-10: 0521195330; ISBN-13: 978-0521195331.Required
Jane:Order Evaluation Copy of: Lewis, Ted. Network Science: Theory and Applications. Wiley; 1st Edition (March 11, 2009) ISBN: ISBN-10: 0470331887; ISBN-13: 978-0470331880.

TELCOM 2710: Foundations of Wireless Communications
S. Haykin and M. Moher, Modern Wireless Communications,Prentice Hall, 2005. (ISBN: 0-13-022472-3) Required;
David Tse and Pramod Viswanath, Fundamentals of Wireless Communication, Cambridge University Press, 2005 (ISBN: 0-521-84527-0) Recommended.

TELCOM 2813:  Security Management
Charles and Shari Pfleeger. Security in Computing. Prentice Hall. Fourth Edition, ISBN-10: 0-13-239077-9; ISBN-13: 978-0-13-239077-4 Required

TELCOM 2821: Network Security
Book is available online.
C. Kaufmann, R. Perlman and M. Speciner . Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, Prentice Hall PTR, 2002. (ISBN:0130460192) Required. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security, T.Lewis, March, 2006. ISBN: 978-0-471-78628-3


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