Academics / TELE Grading Policy  

  Maintenance of a 3.0 QPA  

Each student must maintain a 3.0 Quality Point Average (QPA) for all credits of graduate level coursework for either degree or the certificate. Failure to maintain a 3.0 QPA in any term will result in the student being placed on academic probation immediately. If the student does not raise the QPA to a 3.0 after the next nine credits, the student will be dismissed from the program in which he or she is enrolled.


  Grades for Individual Courses  

All students in the Information Science/Telecommunications programs must earn satisfactory grades in each course taken. A grade of C-, D+, D, D-, F and Unsatisfactory are unacceptable for graduation credit. A course for which such an unsatisfactory grade is earned must be repeated if it is a course that is a degree requirement (e.g., INFSCI 2000 or INFSCI 2500/2592. Courses may be repeated only once. Elective courses need not be repeated; another course may be taken to replace it. However, the original course remains on the transcript and a higher grade must be earned to maintain a 3.0 QPA.


  Satisfactory/Audit (S/N) Grading System  

Students are permitted to earn at most six credit hours with the grading option S as part of the credits required for the degree. An S grade is equated with a grade of B, B+, A-, A or A+. Course performance equivalent to a B- or lower will result in the assignment of an audit (N grade) and will not count towards graduation. A grade of satisfactory (S) has no quality points associated with it and is not used in computing the QPA (quality point average).

Students must decide by no later than one week after the end of the add/drop period which grading system they propose to use for each of their courses. This decision may not be changed, nor may a grade of one kind received for a course be changed to a grade of the other kind.