School of Information Sciences

The School Library Certification Program Student Award

The SLCP Student Award is made to the outstanding SLCP student who exemplifies professional promise based on academic achievement and faculty nomination graduating in a three-term period.

Amount of Award: $2,500 to winner; $1,000 to finalists
This award can be made as a Scholarship applied directly to tuition or as a cash award.

Timing of Award:
The student is selected annually during the first week of April.

Announcement of Award:
The award is announced at the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA)--both at the PSLA ceremony honoring the Outstanding Student Library Award Winners from each academic program in the state and at the SIS Alumni Reception. The Award is presented at the SIS Recognition Ceremony before University Commencement at end of April.

The recipient and four other finalists are honored at the SIS Recognition Ceremony and the SLCP Dinner honoring graduates and award winners in April.

PSLA Award:
The SLCP Award winner is designated the University of Pittsburgh’s Outstanding Student Librarian and receives the award at the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association’s Annual Conference in April.

After graduation, the winner and finalists are appointed to positions on the Advisory Group of Recent Alumni (AGORA). The winner is honored at the next year’s University Honors Day Convocation at the end of February.

Eligibility for SLCP Student Award:

  1. PDE Certification in Library Science, K-12:
    Student will be eligible to be recommended for Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Certification in Library Science, K-12, through completion of the requirements of the SLCP Endorsement or Intern options.
  2. Enrollment Status:
    Student is full-time or part-time in the SLCP and will graduate within the academic year.
  3. Grade Point Average :
    Student has earned a GPA of 3.75 or above.

Nomination Process:

The SLCP Director will:

Selection Process:

The SLCP Director will:

Interview Process:

The finalist with the highest score based on the rubrics and weightings is selected as the award winner. The other finalists are presented with a cash award, and a certificate acknowledging their achievement.

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