School of Information Sciences

2011 Publications

Bowker, Geoffrey C.

Bowler, Leanne

Brusilovsky, Peter

Callery, Bernadette

Cox, Richard

He, Daqing

Hirtle, Stephen C.

Joshi, James B.D.

Karimi, Hassan

Knobel, Cory

Krishnamurthy, Prashant

Lewis, Michael

Oh, Jung Sun

Pelechrinis, Konstantinos

Thompson, Richard

Tipper, David

Weiss, Martin

Zadorozhny, Vladimir

More Than ...

Our programs look at more than the system, the archive, or the network. Students are taught to consider the needs of the end user.

The Leading Edge

Because Pitt is one of the top public research institutions in the world, iSchool students can do research projects with faculty members who are at the leading edges of their disciplines.