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2015 Speakers

March 28, 2015

Time: 1:30 pm

Carnegie Music Hall Foyer

4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh

Dr. Alison Langmead

Dr. Alison Langmead earned her PhD in Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University and a Masters in Library and Information Studies with a Specialization in Archival Studies at the University of of California, Los Angeles. Currently she holds a joint faculty position at the University of Pittsburgh’s Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Information Sciences (iSchool). The theories that she lectures on to students in the iSchool’s Archives and Information Sciences Track she puts into practice in her position as director of the Visual Media Workshop in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture. The VMW is a humanities lab focused on the investigation of material and visual culture—whether historical or contemporary—in an environment that encourages technological experimentation. Dr. Langmead also works with researchers to ensure that their digital creations can be shared with and preserved for others, now and in the future. At the Preservation Fair, Dr. Langmead will share her expertise and will explore why, even more than with paper and film, we need to actively care for our digital files, and will offer some approaches that you can use to responsibly care for your family’s important and sentimental digital documents. Tools and approaches that will be addressed include: migrating your digital media, the dangers inherent in using proprietary software and file formats, and advice on organizing your digital files for preservation and easy retrieval.

Jim Burke

Jim Burke has been part of the Pittsburgh photography community for over thirty years. Educated at Point Park University and the Rochester Institute of Technology, he pursued his interests in the history of photography and historic photographic processes. In 2012 Burke retired from 23 years at his position as Senior Photographer at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Instructional Learning and Distance Education. Since 1980 he has taught photography courses at Pittsburgh Filmmakers as an adjunct assistant professor. His courses include Black and White Photography, Digital Photography, and instruction in using different photo-editing software. In addition to teaching up-and-coming photographers, Burke uses his wide knowledge of the materials and processes of photography from all eras to digitally restore old and damaged photographs that seem beyond repair.  At the Preservation Fair, he will talk about this remarkable work, as well as ways for you to care for the many kinds of photographs you might have in your collection.












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