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March 28, 2015

10 AM to 4 PM

Carnegie Music Hall Foyer

4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh


Learn how to properly store and maintain your precious keepsakes.

Learn what can be done to preserve your paper and digital photos.

Bring your family treasures* for free basic conservation advice.

Network with conservation & preservation professionals


*One hand-carried item per visitor. No dollies or carts. No appraisals or valuations will be given. Tips on bringing items.

Learn how to properly preserve your unique antiques and keepsakes. More than 40 conservators, preservation experts & vendors of conservation supplies discuss conservation issues and share valuable preservation information.


The event is free with Museum admission; no separate registration is required.


This fair is in honor of Bernadette Callery, the founder and long-time organizer of the Preservation Fairs since 1999.