iSchool hosted Summer Recognition Ceremony


On Friday, August 2nd, the iSchool hosted a Recognition Ceremony to honor those students who graduated from the School of Information Sciences in June and August of 2013. Held at the O’Hara Center, more than 200 guests joined Dean Larsen and the faculty to mark this special occasion. Each term, the iSchool hosts this intimate Recognition Ceremony (in addition to any University-wide celebrations) in order to personally congratulate the many students who have successfully completed one of the School’s degree programs.

As part of his remarks, Dean Larsen called on the graduating students to discover new opportunities, to reinforce valued traditions, and to provide the informed leadership the world desperately needs as it confronts a vast and increasing array of societal challenges, international complications, and technological advances. He also invited them to join the School of Information Sciences Alumni Society (SAS) so as to keep in touch with the School, their peer students, and future generations of iSchool students. More information about SAS can be found here.

The festivities can be viewed in this slide show. Congratulations to all of these Summer 2013 graduates:

Bachelor of Science in Information Science

David Dameron
Ryan Earles
Justin Edwards
Dorietta Fuller
Sean Hutchison
Alex Sherbuck
John Stein
Andy Vudhipao
Sung Jun Wi

Master of Science in Information Science

Amber Coletta

Master of Science in Telecommunications

Nikilesh Subramoniapillai

Master of Science in Library & Information Science

Elizabeth Allison
Carley Altenburger
Tammy Benninger
Julia Biagini
Caitlyn Bovard
Freya Channing
Mark Clements
Elaine Conway
Katherine Craig
Rocco Cremonese
Jessa Darwin
Sara Eckelberry
David Erlandson
Magda Esposito
Alyssa Fahringer
Katherine Fetter
Glynnis Flores
Stephanie Freas
Kerry Fulara
Andrea Galbo
Christine Garver
Andrea Georgic
Allison Graham-Pardus
Matti Grove
Nicholas Hartley
Daniel Hayes
Gloria Hendrickson
Anna Hollingsworth
Jonathan Hoppe
Nicole Hosang
Sarah Hoskins
Eugene Hsue
Margaret Huang
Lyndon Jackson
Allegra Johnson
Heidi Johnson
Catherine Joshua
Lauren Jurgensen
Andrew Kulp
Jessica Lamb
Annie Land
Erica Lewis
Jennifer Lindsey
Carly Lough
Kelsey Lowman

Master of Science in Library & Information Science (continued)

Margaret MacAvoy
Anastasia Matijkiw
Brian McDonald
Shannon McFate
Sarah McGowan
Sarah McLean-Plunkett
Mary McMahon
Roseanne Medlock
Samantha Mendez
Justin Mitchell
Emily Moore
Brittany Mullen
Lauren Neal
Kaylee Petsch
Judith Pissano
Julie Porterfield
Rebecca Proie
Nickie Puit
Kiera Rider
Stephanie Rudisill
Donald Sailer
Jaynie Seganos
Rachel Seissler
Annice Sevett
Lindsay Sheldon
David Sinks
Matthew Sohner
Taylor Stevens
Desirae Sweet
Hannah Sweetser
Barbara Tait
Melissa Tallis
Eric Tans
Nicole Topich
Allison Trautmann
Patrick Trembeth
Christy Trotnick
Molly Troy
Linda Whiteford
Caitlin Wichterman
Victoria Winfree
Whitney Yoder

Certificate of Advanced Study in Library & Information Science

Sangeeta Bhargava
Jeffrey Coghill
Brian Cumer
Debra Day
Mariaelena De La Rosa
Darlene Ford
Shannon Jones
Beth McGowan
Margaret Moutseous

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science

Denis Parra
Peter Sutovsky
Hassan Takabi
Huadong Wang