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Congratulations winter 2015 SIS graduates!


The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Sciences (SIS) celebrates our 2015 winter graduates! Family, friends, and supporters joined graduates at the William Pitt Union for the Winter Recognition Ceremony on Friday, December 11, which was led by Dean Ronald L. Larsen.

Larsen charged graduates to remember the challenging lessons learned during their time at the SIS and asked them to apply their own sense of creativity to the knowledge they developed in order to “envision a better future and to work toward its realization.” He also reminded students and faculty of their many personal, professional, and departmental accomplishments to be proud of over the past year. He concluded with an invitation to graduating students to stay in contact with the SIS through the Alumni Association in order to share future achievements and growth.

Following the introduction, Larsen, along with department chairs and faculty colleagues presented students from each program with their degrees. Director of Student Services Wesley Lipschultz welcomed and invited recent graduates to engage with the SIS alumni community, which boasts nearly 14,000 members and is active in a number of events throughout the year.
The recently graduated students joined faculty, staff, and loved ones in the ballroom for light refreshments after the ceremony. Congratulations and best wishes SIS graduates!

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Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science

Shafiqul Abedin
Patrick Dudas
Ying-Feng Hsu
Claudia Lopez Moncada
Carlos Sanchez Moreira

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science with a concentration in Telecommunications

Sira Akavipat

Master of Library & Information Science

Brian Arrigo
Catherine Baldwin
Alexia Cole
Georgiana Deming
Christine Gaffney
Denise Gevaudan
Lindsay Hrynda
Rachel Leese
Amy Melnyk
Paige Morfitt
Sara Purifoy
Patricia Rhock
Sam Siskind
Susan Swegel
Chaowanli Wang
Sarah Wilson

Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Zeryan Abdulla
Dustin Alper
Alexander Andrea
Anthony Backowski
Joseph Beaumont
William Conner
Jade Diamond
Yi Ding
Antoinette Doyle
Nicholas Gigler
Kevin Grande
Alexander Hom
Jonathan Kotek
Christopher Lyons
Walter Mau
Jeffrey McCracken Jr.
Dominique Monayong
Sabrina Murphy
Adebimbola Ogunyale
Kelsey O'Rourke
Anthony Paratore
Payal Patel
Sean Patnode
Alexander Riggan
Anna Sachse
Jason Santo
Brad Shriner
Dennis Wagner
Jennifer Xu
Dean Zaslow

Master of Science in Telecommunications

Abdulaziz Alqahtani
Mittal Makwana
Naveenkumar Murugesan

Master of Science in Information Science

Ross Acheson
Omar Akhtar
Sushma Anand Akoju
Ashwag Albakri
Hao Bai
Jonathan Butler
Qilu Cao
Ang Chen
Jie Chen
Wei Dai
Xiaoxi Dong
Harrison Foster
Juntao Gu
Fei Han
Liu Han
Wanzhi Hu
Shanqi Jiang
Haojie Jiao
Menghui Ju
Zhaoxing Lang
Xiaoting Li
Xiaohui Lin
Xiujun Ling
Chang Liu
Chi Liu
Haoqing Liu
Dace Lukasa-Tangri
Deepak Mathur
Vincent Nania
Akiko Oshima
Nitya Patel
Mitalee Patil
Anvay Pradhan
Gangeshwari Rajavelu
Prashanth Kumar Ravindragopal
Shruti Sabusuresh
Malini Santra
Maggie Shipley
Songsong Wan
Jie Wen
Jiadong Wu
Ye Wu
Peng Xi
Yingxin Xie
Jing Xu
Kehao Xu
Jing Xue
Chun-Chung Yang
Hong Zhang
Lan Zhang
Yu Zhang
Yue Zhang
Yue Zhao
Kaiming Zheng

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*Students who published electronic theses and dissertations as part of the culmination of their studies

The full program from the event is available here:

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