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Fall iSchool Recognition Ceremony took place on December 9


On Friday, December 9, the iSchool hosted a recognition ceremony to honor 2016 fall graduates. Approximately 180 students, faculty, staff, family, and friends attended to celebrate our students' accomplishments at 5:30 p.m. in the Connolly Ballroom of Alumni Hall.

Opening remarks were given by Vladimir Zadorozhny, associate professor of Informatics and Networked Systems.

“I hope your time here has exposed you to a range of experiences that deepen your appreciation for the complex and the subtle, that heightens your ability to discern the elegant from the gauche, enabling you to think differently, to debate more passionately, to be troubled more deeply, to develop resolve more assuredly, and, finally, to act more confidently,” Zahorozhny said during his opening remarks.

More than 95 students applied for fall graduation. Please join us in congratulating our amazing graduates:

Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Bobbi Braggs

William James

Bobby Scruggs

Tyler Barndt

Hyun-Tae Jin

Thomas Seman

David Cappa

Simon Liu

Faheem Siddiqui

Casey Dalsass

Megan Macoskey

Andrew Steinke

Douglas Foster

Anish Manocha

Grant Wescott

Jonathan Gale

Gregory Maranowski


Dwayne Hast

Jennifer McMillan


Katelyn Hazy

Marisa Midler


Katelyn Hazy

Gerald Peterson














Master of Science in Information Science

Zhaoyan Ai

Ziyi Lan

Nanxun Xie

Indraneil Bardhan

Lujing Li

Xun Yang

Joseph Bender

Ting Li

Xun Yang

Tyler Brooks

Xiyi Li

Yujia Yang

Wei Cai

Wenjun Lin

Qingzhou Yu

Rachel Chang

Rebecca Ly

Bolun Zhang

Qi Chen

Abhishek Mukherjee

Jingru Zhang

Tiancheng Dong

Ananya Ramamoorthy

Jingyun Zhang

Joann Dwornicki

Jian Ren

Siying Zhang

Ashley Fittz

Mayank Sardana

Zhe Zhang

Wenshuo Gao

Jie Song

Qiao Zhao

Yuexian Gong

Sai Srinivasa Krishna

Zexin Zhao

Charan Teja Guduguntla Ramakrishna

Anand Varanasi

Yixian Zhu

Hongyu Han

Chunyao Wang

Junwei Zhuge

Degan Hao

Shiqi Wang


Jingming Hu

Tian Wang


Xin Lai

Xin Wen


Master of Science in Telecommunications

Pedro Bustamante

Aravindan Somasundaram

Anh Le

Carmen Diaz Sandoval

Pei-Keng Sun

Master of Library and Information Science

Jessica Baker

Margaret Foreback

Andrew Prisbylla

Kristin Beutler

Flory Gessner

Emily Roth

Lauren Cribbs

Nicole Harding

Elizabeth Shedlock

Larissa Dean

Darcy Mautino

Courtney Siska

Lauren DeVoe

Shannon Miller


Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science

Evengy Karataev

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science with a Concentration in Telecommunications

Luai Hasnawi

Ke Zhang

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science

Jiepu Jiang

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