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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pitt Partners Program?
The Partners Program is an innovative out-of-the-classroom opportunity that permits students to gain critical professional experience and skills at Pittsburgh’s regional libraries, information centers, archives, cultural institutions, and corporations.

What is the benefit to participating in the Partners Program?
You will gain real-world experience in professional libraries and information centers. It's a great opportunity to put what you learn in the classroom into practice.  Many employers are looking for applicants with experience -- this is your chance to add such experience to your résumé.

How do I apply?
If you have submitted your application to the MLIS Program, you will be sent an email in mid-February advising you that the application process for the Partners Program is open. Included will be instructions and links to the application form, as well as Partners host site job descriptions.

Is the Pitt Partners Program a form of financial assistance?
Partners Program monetary compensation is earned, not awarded. Some host organizations may offer compensation, in either the form of a stipend or an hourly wage. Information about scholarships, awards, fellowships, and assistantships can be found here.

Do all placements carry funding from the host institutions?
No, compensation is at the discretion of the host organization. Host organizations that do offer compensation will do so either in the form of an hourly wage or a stipend paid per term.

How many terms is the placement and is it automatically renewable? 
A Partners Program award is for three consecutive terms: fall, spring, and summer. Placements are awarded for the fall term and are automatically renewed for the subsequent spring and summer terms provided that the student meets the academic and work requirements outlined in the Student Eligibility & Requirements.

If I do not receive placement for fall, can I reapply for future terms?
A student who is not placed in the fall cannot reapply for a subsequent term. Placements begin in the fall term only.

Do you have to be enrolled as a full-time student to participate in the Program?
No, both full-time and part-time students attending classes on-campus or online are eligible for the Partners Program.

How many hours must I work each week and how much is the salary or stipend?
Work commitment is 10-15 hours per week. The host institution determines the number of hours for a given position, but days and hours are set according to your class schedule by you and your host supervisor. Salary and stipend amounts are determined by the host institution.

Can I work more than the proscribed 10-15 hours per week if requested by a Partners site?
Yes, as long as the additional hours are agreeable to both student and Partner and do not exceed 20 hours per week per University policy. 

If I am offered two 10-hour placements, can I accept both?
In fairness to all prospective students, a student will initially be permitted to accept only one offer of a Partners placement.

Are there Partners Program positions available for student in other iSchool at Pitt degree programs?
Not at this time.

The Partners Program

This learning opportunity provides a three-term placement in libraries and information centers. Gain real-world experience as an information professional!