School of Information Sciences - Library and Information Science Program

Recommended Schedule for Full-time Intern Option Students

The Intern Option of the School Library Certification Program is for those students who do not hold a teaching certificate and requires a total of 51 credits of required coursework that includes a 6-credit Practicum experience in a school library.  Students who complete the program earn both the Master of Library and Information Science degree and an Instructional 1 teaching certificate in Library Science, K-12, from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

This schedule meets the requirements of 51 credits based on four terms of full-time study.  Education courses may be taken at another institution with the prior approval of the Director of the School Library Certification Program.

Fall Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Fall Term

LIS 2000 Understanding Information

LIS 2005 Organizing and Retrieving Information

LIS 2327 Multicultural Resources and Services

LIS 2922 Practicum in School Library Media Programs (6 credits)

LIS 2600 Introduction to Information Technologies

LIS 2323 Resources for Young Adults

LIS 2328 Information Literacy Resources and Services

IL 2523 Literacy Assessment & Instruction For Children With Disabilities In Inclusive Settings In Elementary Classrooms

LIS 2322 Resources for Children

LIS 2325 Curriculum Resources and Services in the School
Library Media Center

IL 2501 OR IL 2502 Including Students with Disabilities in Elementary or Secondary Classrooms

IL 2257 Teaching English Language Learners

LIS 2774 School Library Media Center Management

EDU 2000 Psychology of Learning & Development for Education



EDU 2100 Education & Society

IL 2500 Foundations of Special Education




Strong Foundation

The blend of theory and application at the iSchool distinguishes its graduates in the job market, giving them a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.