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The role of information professionals has changed dramatically as the volume of available information has increased and technology for information search and retrieval has advanced. The ability to manage the growing array of information tools has led to new opportunities for those who want to work in the information field, a discipline which bridges the management of both traditional and emerging information sources. Because effective information drives so much of business — indeed, society — there is no limit to the opportunities for those who can serve as the link between users and sources of information.

The iSchool offers a number of degree programs that will give you the essential foundational knowledge and the practical skills necessary for success as an information professional in libraries, archival facilities, healthcare organizations, multinational corporations, museums and other cultural institutions, and technology firms. The degree programs include:

Our faculty, practitioners and researchers, work to create an environment that fosters not only your skills, but your enthusiasm for working with people and for the Library and Information Science discipline.


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The iSchool is one of the nation's original schools to educate information professionals, with a history reaching back more than 100 years.