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Geoinformatics Specialization

The goal of the Geoinformatics specialization is to provide students in the MSIS degree program with both the breadth and depth of knowledge in geoinformatics required for solving real-world problems. With an emphasis in geoinformatics, the graduates of this specialization in the MSIS degree program will gain the unique knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate the design, development, and deployment of complex systems and applications in a rapidly emerging geoinformatics profession. Graduates will be able to deploy and manage geoinformation systems in industry, conduct research in geotechnologies, and pursue PhD research in geoinformatics.

Students pursuing the MSIS degree in the Information Science and Technology Program would be eligible to specialize in the Geoinformatics track. Of the 36 credits required to obtain the MSIS degree, students interested in the Geoinformatics track must take 12 credits in geoinformatics or geoinformatics-related courses.

Lead Faculty

Courses and Electives

The course of study for the MSIS degree consists of a minimum of 36 credits. The 36 credits are to be distributed as follows:

3 credits in the Mathematical and Formal Foundations area

3 credits in the Cognitive Science area or Cognitive Systems area

6 credits in the Systems and Technology area

12 credits in the Geoinformatics area

A maximum 12 credits in Electives


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