School of Information Sciences - Information Science & Technology Program

Joint Degree Programs

Master Degree Program with GSPIA

The School of Information Sciences (SIS) has entered into a joint agreement with Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). The program allows for students to complete the Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) degree and one of three degrees in GSPIA simultaneously. To be admitted fully into the joint program, students must be accepted by both GSPIA and SIS.

Admission Process

Students wishing to enter this program need to submit the regular application form, along with two recommendation letters, an official transcript, and a copy of GRE or GMAT. International students have additional submission requirements.

All students are expected have completed the prerequisite courses in

Course of Study

The course of study for the Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) degree under the joint agreement consists of a minimum of 30 credits in the Graduate Information and Technology Program, plus an additional 30-39 credits at GSPIA depending the selected area of study. Students may register under either the GSPIA or SIS school code during any given semester, but must have registered under each school code for at least 24 credits by the completion of the degree. Please be aware that there is a small tuition differential between the two schools.

The 30 credits taken in SIS are to be distributed as follows:

Any changes to the distribution above must be requested, in advance, through petition to the faculty.


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