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Financial Support

In the iSchool, graduate students may be eligible for scholarships, financial aid or school-based financial support to underwrite some or all of the costs of your program of study.

First, you should explore federal funding options as outlined on the University of Pittsburgh's Web page dealing with financial aid for graduate students. Please note that you will apply for any appropriate funding through the University's Office of Admission and Financial Aid.

Then, the Graduate Information Science and Technology Program may award financial support on the basis of qualifications and need to full-time graduate students with full admission status (all prerequisites completed). Students must be either accepted for admission or currently enrolled in this graduate-degree program to be eligible for program financial support. New students are evaluated on the basis of past academic achievement, relevant experience, and need; continuing students are evaluated on the basis of academic performance in their degree program, performance of assigned duties, and need. Financial need is determined on the basis of information supplied by the applicant. Stipend rates are established by the University and are available here.

Financial support is usually granted in one of the following categories:

The faculty encourages all eligible students to apply for financial support from the iSchool.

All international students are expected to come fully funded for their entire degree program and any advanced study they may undertake in a certificate program or in a second degree program. International students may, in rare cases, be granted financial support such as the awarding of a Graduate Student Researcher for a funded project.

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to providing educational opportunities for qualified diversity students through financial assistance. In accordance with this policy, students from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply for financial support. In some cases, aid is specifically designated for the recruitment of these students.

Eligibility and Limitations

It is a University policy that only full-time students (enrolled in degree programs for nine credits) are eligible for financial support. Students awarded a GSA or TF are expected to register for at least nine credits but not more than 12 credits per term (Fall and Spring).

MSIS degree students may be considered for up to a maximum of four (4) terms of aid. Eligibility for renewal depends on academic performance as well as satisfactory performance of assigned duties. Academically, a 3.0 GPA (on a scale of 4.0) must be maintained. In addition, students applying for graduation in one term will not be considered eligible for aid in the following term. Also, students may have no more than five (5) credits of incomplete grades (G or I) at any one time showing on their transcript. The only exceptions to this limitation are for thesis and practicum credits.

Doctoral students may be considered for up to a maximum of four (4) terms (including summer) of aid before taking the Preliminary Examination. After the Preliminary Examination, doctoral students may be considered for up to three (3) additional terms of aid before the Comprehensive Examination. After the Comprehensive, students may be considered for a maximum of three (3) terms of aid. Eligibility for renewal depends on academic performance as well as satisfactory performance of assigned duties (if any). Academically, a GPA of 3.5 (on a scale of 4.0) must be maintained. Students may have no more than five (5) credits of incomplete grades (G or I) at any one time. The only exception to this limitation is for dissertation credits.

Funding is usually awarded for two (2) terms (Fall and Spring), although one-term appointments may be made. Two-term awards are subject to renewal for the third term (Summer); if not renewed, a tuition scholarship for the third term (Summer) may be provided if performance has been satisfactory and funds are available. There are few, if any, new GSA appointments made in the Summer term; however, any unused scholarship money will be disbursed.

Students who apply for, but do not receive, financial support must reapply in order to be reconsidered in a subsequent term.

Application Process for Financial Support

To be considered for any funding opportunity, you must complete the pertinent section in your application for admission on Apply Yourself.

The Committee will consider applications for financial support only after the student has been accepted into the GIST program.

All applicants are informed of funding decisions by letter.



Fall Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Admission Application (Domestic) July 15 November 1 March 15
Admission Application (International) January 15 June 15 December 15
Financial Aid Application January 15 September 15 January 15


If you already submitted your iSchool application for admission or are a deferred or current student, you may update your financial support application or submit a new one using this form.

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