School of Information Sciences - Information Science & Technology Program

CAS Admissions

Requirements and Prerequisites

Structured programming language
A course on structured programming using Java, C# or C++ is required. Either INFSCI 0017 Object-Oriented Programming 1 for Information Science, CS 0401: Intermediate Programming Using Java is recommended to meet this requirement.

A course covering data collection, descriptive and inferential statistics is optimal. It should cover measures of central tendency and variability, regression, correlation, non-parametric analysis, probability and sampling, Bayesian analysis, significance tests, and hypothesis testing. Either STATS 0200: Basic Applied Statistics, or STATS 1000: Applied Statistical Methods is recommended to meet this requirement.

A college-level mathematics course, in discrete mathematics or calculus, is required. Any of the following Pitt courses are recommended to meet the requirement: MATH 0120: Business Calculus, MATH 0220: Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1, or MATH 0400: Discrete Mathematical Structures.

15-credit post-bachelor's certificates

15-credit and 24-credit post-master's certificates

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