Events 2005 | SIS Student Expo

Congratulations to the winners of the SIS Expo


Undergraduate Track

First Prize – Adam Kraut, “Genomics”
Second Prize – Jeffrey Andersen, “VOIP”
Third Prize (a tie) –
Tyler St. John/Amada Balish, “Why Information Science”
Jake Leifer, “RFID”

Demo Track

First Prize – Jaewook Ahn, “Implementation of Social Search with Educational Resources”

Graduate Track

First Prize – Divyasheel Sharma, “Whirlpool: Efficient Querying Wireless Sensor Networks for Critical System Monitoring”
Second Prize – Pratibha Menon/Artprecha Rugsachart, “Synchronous Optical Burst Switching”
Third Prize (a tie) --
Xiong Liu, “WSP: Integrating Protein Data Resources Through Semantic Web Services”
Nattapong Swangmung, “Authentication Delay in WLANS”
Honorable Mentions:
Sergey Sosnovsky, “User Modeling and Adaptive Navigation Support in a Distributed Architecture for Adaptive e-Learning”
Qiang Ye, “Optimizing a Neural Network Classifier Ensemble with Multi-Task Learning”

Thank you to the judges of the Expo, all of whom are faculty at SIS: Daqing He, Vladimir Zadorozhny, Dean Ronald Larsen, Associate Dean Martin Weiss, Roger Flynn, Judith Jablonsky, James Joshi, and Hassan Karimi.