School of Information Sciences

Mobile Apps for Healthy Lives Challenge

A Design Challenge to Improve Medicine in Developing Countries


Monday, February 2, 2015 | 12:00PM – 3:00PM | Open to all iSchool students | Limited to 6 teams

Prize: $200 per teammate

Work in teams of 2 or 3 over a weekend to create a design concept of a mobile app and then present your idea. Design challenge requirements will be released January 30. Presentations will be held February 2.

Design concepts can include diagrams, schematics, storyboards, drawings, narrative explanations, animations, or any other creative elements. Teams should be able to clearly show how their design concepts satisfy the challenge requirements. Because this challenge is limited to 72 hours, teams are not expected to create working prototypes of their mobile apps. Students from all iSchool programs are encouraged to participate. The challenge does not require any programming or technical background.

Presentation guidelines will be distributed to teams during the Presentation Working Session on February 2, 12:00-2:00pm. Team presentations will be limited to 6 minutes, followed by questions from judges.

Mobile Apps for Healthy Lives Schedule

Challenge Begins

Friday, January 30

  • Challenge requirements are shared online with teams

Presentation Working Session

Monday, February 2 12:00pm
IS 3rd Floor

  • Presentation guidelines are distributed and reviewed
  • Teams create their presentations

App Design Presentations

Monday, February 2 2:00pm
IS 3rd Floor

  • Presentations are limited to 6 minutes
  • Teams respond to questions from judges


Register for the Mobile Apps for Healthy Live Challenge

To register, complete the form at the above link with your team information. Teams can consist of 2 or 3 students from any iSchool program. Only one member from each team is required to register. The first 6 teams that register will be selected for the challenge.

Please email with any questions.


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