School of Information Sciences

Archival Agitators and Advocates Lecture Series

hosted by the iSchool at the University of Pittsburgh

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Information Ethics and Policy and the Society of American Archivists Student Chapter

Meet the Speaker Coffee will be held at 10:30 AM, followed by the lectures from 11:00 AM - noon.

All events will be held in Room 501 of the IS Building, 135 North Bellefield Avenue.

Over the past couple of decades, the archival profession has mostly seen digital technologies as its greatest challenge, and with good reason. These technologies have threatened both the ability of archivists to preserve records and the basic nature of archival work and identity. Today, however, the most prominent problems for the foreseeable future may be ethical and accountability issues involving personal privacy, government and corporate activities, and intellectual property. All of these kinds of issues involve equipping a new generation of archivists to become more effective advocates for their programs and the archival mission.



It is part of the School's mission to disseminate research ideas and findings through Colloquia. New students and faculty enjoy this vibrant intellectual community.

Lecture Series

Lecture series such as this one permit our students to explore how the information profession faces ethical and accountability challenges in the field.