School of Information Sciences - Undergraduate Program

Capstone Projects

Project: Dental Pathology Game (developed in collaboration with Dental School)

Date:  Spring 2015

Students: Christopher Marx, Alexander Andrea, Lauren Oldham, Nicholas Campbell


Programming languages/platforms/technologies: Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, HTML5


Project: Open-source medical simulator


Date: Spring 2015 - Present (ongoing)


Students: Mitchell Martin, Christine Mullins


Programming languages/platforms/technologies: Arduino, Processing, Python


Project: Campaign website for United Way


Date:  Fall 2014


Students: Rachel Lazar, Melodi Reich, Jasmine White, Michael Quach


Programming languages/platforms/technologies: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML5



Project:  Marketing website for Pittsburgh Riverhounds


Date:  Spring 2014


Students:  Mandy Kendall, Jacob Mangone.


Programming languages/platforms/technologies:  PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML5



Project:  SQL Tutor


Date:  Spring 2014


Student:  Jordan Feldman


Programming languages/platforms/technologies:  PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5




Project:  Resume and Portfolio Management System


Date:  Spring 2014


Students:  Jordan Feldman, Mandy Kendall, Naveen Srivastava


Programming languages/platforms/technologies:  Java, GlassFish, MySQL, jQuery, RESTful web services, Bootstrap, HTML5




Project:  Marketing website for Mazda USA.


Date:  Fall 2014


Student:  Jordan Feldman


Programming languages/platforms/technologies:  PHP, HTML5





Project:  Obstetrics and gynecology electronic medical records (EMR) system for Magee Women’s Hospital.


Date(s):  Spring 2014


Students:  Joshua Howell, Naveen Srivastava, Ayla Gounder, Clinton Wojick.


Programming languages/platforms/technologies:  MySQL, Java, Python




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