School of Information Sciences - Undergraduate Program

Course of study

Your studies in the undergraduate program offer you a great many of options. You can take a general course of study, which will give you the skills and knowledge necessary for a variety of career options in the IT field. This includes the following required courses:

The core

You then can take courses in any area that interests you, including classes on graphics, human information processing, geographic information systems, and applications for mobile devices.

If it best suits your career choice, you can choose to focus your course of studies in one of the following specializations:

Information systems specialization: Enables students to use object-oriented design tools to design, build, implement, and test Web-based information systems

User-centered design specialization: Provides the visual and human-computer interaction skills needed to design and build prototypes of information systems interfaces as well as to perform usability testing of these prototypes

Networks and security specialization: Offers skills needed to design, build, and test LANS, WANS, Wireless, Internet, and Web-based networks.

Students will take a capstone course, which offers the opportunity to:


BSIS students may tailor a program suited to their specific career objectives or discover new and dynamic career paths by taking electives in diverse subjects.