School of Information Sciences - Undergraduate Program

Systems specialization

Are you interested in designing and building the systems which form the backbone of ANY industry? 

In addition to your core courses, you may select from the following courses to hone your skills in designing and building information systems.

INFSCI 0019 Object-Oriented Programming 2 for Information Science

Second programming course for IS majors. Advanced Java language features required for professional software development. Data structures, OO design, graphical user interfaces, exception handling, multithreading, I/O, and Web and network programming. Prerequisites: INFSCI 0017 or permission of the instructor

INFSCI 1068 Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to geographic information system (GIS) concept and technology including spatial data sources, spatial data models and structures, spatial database management, map projection systems, geocoding and georeferencing, spatial analysis, spatial data visualization (maps), GIS applications (e.g., address-location finding, navigation, routing), and commercial GIS software packages. Prerequisites: INFSCI 0017, and INFSCI 1022

INFSCI 1025 Information Systems Design

Object-oriented design best practices. Principles of system architecture. Design patterns. Requirements traceability. Construction of UML-compliant models (class, sequence, communication, and package diagrams). Refactoring. Iterative development of system prototype. Requires knowledge of fundamental OO programming concepts including abstract classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, and message passing. Prerequisites: INFSCI 0019 and INFSCI 1024

INFSCI 1092 Special Topics: Systems

Advanced class focusing on a current or specialized topic in the systems area
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor