School of Information Sciences - Undergraduate Program


Unless you are transferring from another university, the freshman and sophomore years are spent in the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of General Studies. During the first two years, a pre-Information Science student takes courses needed for admissions and begins satisfying some of the required Skills, General Education, Related Area, and Information Science course requirements.

Upon completion of 55 credits, pre-Information Science students can apply to the Information Science program by meeting with their advisors and completing an Undergraduate Academic Program/Plan Add/Change Form and a BSIS School Transfer Application. Your advisor will send these plus your folder to Information Science, and they will be reviewed by an admissions committee. Decisions are made in about two weeks.

Use the University transfer guidelines for detailed information on the transfer process.

If you are transferring from another college or university external to Pitt, you may access Pitt’s external transfer policies here. In addition, the School of Information Sciences has specific credit transfer arrangements with several local colleges and universities.  You may access the details on those specific arrangements here.

Admission requirements

To be considered for transfer to the Information Science program, applicants must present an adequate lower-level undergraduate academic record and be in good standing in the college or school in which they are currently enrolled.

Completion of 55 credits (includes current-term credits)

Strong evidence of academic achievement to include GPA, course grades, or recommendations
Note: Students who have a GPA less than 2.75 may be considered for provisional admission and should apply. Students should have earned a "C" or better for any courses that were taken to meet the General Education, Skills, Related or Information Science requirements.

Information science GPA of at least 2.75

Completion of Intro to Information, Systems and Society (INFSCI 0010)

Deadlines: August 1 for the fall term, December 1 for the spring term, and April 1 for the summer term

How to apply

Incoming freshmen

Go to University of Pittsburgh’s undergraduate admission site.

On your application, select "pre-information science" as your intended field of study. This will allow you to take up to 18 credits in Information Science classes during your freshman and sophomore years here at Pitt.

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