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Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

By arrangement with Litwin Books, we are planning to publish a portion of the best papers presented at the 2014 AERI meeting in Pittsburgh. Tentatively entitled “Studies in Archival Education and Research: Selected Papers from the 2014 AERI Conference,” the volume will be edited by University of Pittsburgh archives faculty members Richard J. Cox and Alison Langmead and Eleanor Mattern, who recently completed the doctoral program at Pitt.

Students and faculty who have had papers accepted tor the AERI conference can be considered for inclusion in this volume by submitting a formal paper, 3000-5000 words in length not including endnotes and following the Chicago Manual of Style. Papers submitted can be original research, position papers, literature reviews making original contributions to the field, or case studies about teaching and curriculum development. Originally, it was intended that in order to be considered for publication, final versions of the paper must be submitted by June 15, 2014.  However, the new deadline for final papers will be Monday, August 18, 2014.  This gives individuals an opportunity to revise papers based on comments received at the AERI conference. Papers should be submitted to Richard J. Cox at, Alison Langmead at, and Eleanor Mattern at Papers should be double-spaced, use endnotes, and be submitted as Word documents.

Royalties generated by this publication will be either assigned to the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences Archives Fund and used to support archives doctoral students attending AERI conferences in the future or deposited in some other appropriate account that will support future AERI endeavors.