School of Information Sciences

iSchool Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

To reach these goals, the IAC meets quarterly in a roundtable format which provides ample opportunities for corporate partners to interact with other business leaders and iSchool faculty. IAC members are committed to regular participation; dialogue between meetings; participatory conversation; and an interest in topics of mutual value.

Given its membership of outstanding business leaders and their unique perspectives relative to external trends, the IAC is charged to focus on furthering goals and objectives as they relate to recruitment/marketing; research/philanthropy; and diversity.

If you or your company are interested in participating in the IAC or would like to request more information on progress and initiatives, please contact Amy B. Herlich or 412-624-5820.

Industry Participants:

Scott Barnyak | Principal Partner, sdlc partners

Linda Berardelli | Alcoa, HR Web Applications IT Lead

Harry Gillespie | Director IT, FedEx Services

Mark Giuliani | CRM Practice Director, Dell

Kevin Matjasko | IT Director, Automotive Refinish Coatings, PPG

Carl Murawski | Global Business Services, Alcoa

Tom Reinsel | Founder, Ready to Drone

Jim Shaw | Vice President and CIO, Management Science Associates

Ken Spangler | Sr. Vice President and CIO, FedEx Ground

Joe Trost | Director, Sustaining Engineering & Software Verification Test, Tollgrade Communications

Melissa Vito | Senior Director, Outbound Product Management, Oracle Corporation

University Participants:

Sandra E. Brandon | Director of Administration

Peter Brusilovsky | Professor

Amy B. Herlich | Director of Constituent Relations

Ronald L. Larsen | Dean and Professor

Leona Mitchell | Professor of Practice

Bob Perkoski | Chair, Undergraduate IS Program (BSIS)

David Tipper | Professor

Martin Weiss | Interim Chair, Department of Informatics and Network Systems (INS); Associate Dean; Professor

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